Chrome Plating

Consistently high quality of the coating, corrosion protection and optics are the most important factors for every automotive supplier. Here we meet the demanding coating and testing standards of the automotive industry as well as just-in-time delivery with the associated high delivery pressure.
Permanent monitoring of the in-house laboratory and analysis technology ensures that the components are delivered to the customer with consistent coating quality, so that the composite castings harmonize with each other.


  • High wear resistance
  • Galvanic chrome plating (process safety)
  • Different components can be installed together with consistent quality
  • Finishing and gloss levels feasible

Chrome Plating

Plating capacity:

Plating line Capacity Technology
Line 1 1000 x 1000 mm Satin ( Cr6 )
Line 2 2400 x 1000 mm Bright + Satin ( Cr6 + Cr3 )
Line 3 2800 x 1000 mm Bright + Dark ( Cr6 + Cr3 )